Welcome to pretty in pine!

It was April 2014 and I remember blankly staring into my daughters playroom and thinking how frustrated I was with the options I was finding to style their rooms.  I was looking for fun yet practical pieces to style in their rooms.    

I first drew a swan and as I'm married to a builder I said "honey can you cut me this".  It looked so cute and I though what about a mermaid.  I had friends constantly asking me to make them one or telling me to sell them, which i though ok I could do that.  I started at the local markets hand cutting every piece and within 3 months the business grew beyond my imagination we just couldn't keep up.  So the pretty in pine online store was born.  I purchased some more sophisticated equipment as I wanted every piece to be perfection.  8 weeks on and the sleepy eyes arrived into my mind, then onto paper, onto timber and finally onto walls all over the world. 

Everything I make is still made here in my workshop (garage) whilst wrangling my 2 daughters.  As crazy an emotional as the last 2 years have been I love being invited into your homes via my creations and I couldn't be more humbled that you do so each and every day. 

Dominee x